Welcome to my portfolio!

About me
At the age of 11 I began in Adobe Photoshop, making simple game cover designs that held little of no skill to speak of. Everybody starts somewhere though, right? Upon joining a popular online multiplayer in which content for the game was completely user generated. This encouraged me to start using Photoshop and developing my skills in texturing for 3D objects, and later on to start 3D modeling.

Then on I have always been pushing myself forward to learn new things and develop what I know.

Work Experience
I have taken many commissioned works during my time across a range of mediums from texture modifications of other peoples work, creating textures for people, modeling and websites. Many examples of this work and personal work projects are here on the website.

I also currently hold a Saturday job at a fruit and flower job, as I am currently in full time education.

With 12 GCSE’s (Inclduing 7 A*/A’s.) I am currently studing to gain A levels in Graphics, Creative Media and Digital Film, Having already acheived AS levels in these subjects as well as an AS for Photography.

I am predicted an A in Film, a Distinction Star for Creative media and A in Graphics Design. I also received a B in Photography. I hope to complete my A levels and start an Animation Arts course at Bournemouth university.


I am well versed in the use of Blender and Photoshop which I use regularly in my 3D and texture work. I also know functional skills in:

Adobe Premier
Abobe After Affects
Adobe Illustator
and Adobe Dreamweaver